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United Kingdom
I'm an animator who likes spooky stuff
I always like things just after they were cool, like some reverse hipster. So forgive me for making memes a tad too late
that's all there is to my page. Have fun.

also you might need this:
No seriously you will need it…

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Two sides of the same coin by soundandscar
Two sides of the same coin
This will probably look like shit tomorrow but for now I'm sleep deprived and this looks ok.
Yea I drew Jack. I've made it sorta spooky for no reason what so ever because Jack is the friendliest character I have. He's just a dumb chubby scarecrow in a fragile human body who likes doritos and TV. That's all there is to Jack. He's kinda just a Jack of all Ace of none.
Anyway have a shitty doodle of jack that I did in under an hour.
Jack monster Reference by soundandscar
Jack monster Reference
that's what jack is under the skin. 
He might look like a god awful monster but he's still friendly and cuddly.
His skin is similar to burlap, he does have to be careful to not damage his stitching although he isn't in that form often enough for it to be a serious problem. When he's in this form he's a lot more agile and spindly although he's considerably chubby for his species. Even though in his human body he is perfectly healthy. 

Before properly awakening and forming from a grudge Jack was very small, smaller than a baby. A couple of Celesti decided to 'experiment' with a lesser demon and put the soul into the empty body of what would've been a stillborn. They knew that the family was safe and financially stable so they wanted to see the result of raising a rather harmless lesser 'evil' in a human environment. Jack grew up like a lot of children, aside from his 'ability' to see otherworldly entities e.g ghosts, demons and entities. Loving family and his rather long lasting 'imaginary friend' Rift aka the 'tooth fairy' 
It didn't take long for Rift to realise that he wasn't entirely human. But she sorta caught on to what was going on since he'd often talk of other 'tooth fairies' visiting him and was all like 'OH HELL NO POOR BABY'. She'd protect him from the world and follow him everywhere. She still does follow him. everywhere. All the time. When he was roughly around 15-17 she began explaining everything about what had happened to him. When he was 18 she taught him how to 'climb out of his vessel' when he's sleeping. He gradually got better at it the only problem is that if he 'jumps' out of his vessel in a panic or something he's going to end up damaging his body since he just drops to the floor unconscious. Since he usually hurts himself Rift tries at all costs to stop him from doing it. 
He did scare the shit out of his mother when he was half asleep and didn't notice he had just wandered out of his body. He had just walked around the house, made breakfast, sat down on the couch and just sat there eating cereal and making small talk. ((I'll probably do a comic of that)) His mother took everything surprisingly well since he'd always been a weird kid and it made sense.
Since he was raised in a rather cushy and loving environment rather than being surrounded with the usual hatred and fighting. It resulted in his skin being more like burlap than the species usual leathery skin. Since he doesn't use his form a lot he's a little chubby compared to the usual scrawny spider-like bodies. His tail is even usually small for his kind. 
He behaves really human which is usual since his kind usually speaks using basic speech e.g 'hungry','cold','sleepy','happy' and other small words. Celesti are often amused by him since it's very surreal to have a full conversation with a 'lesser evil' it's like sitting down and drinking tea with a parrot. He prefers staying in his human body although it's safer for him to stay out of his human body since his soul is gradually tearing apart his body.
He's very unusual for his kind since he doesn't feed off negative emotions nor is he aggressive. He's very cuddly and cheery. He's just a giant cuddly teddy bear with a lot of teeth.

Jack is owned by soundandscar.
Please do not reupload the artwork to any site without permission
Ultra nerds by soundandscar
Ultra nerds
Look at these nerds
Nameless, Sam and Max...defiantly nobody else 
Max's hair mustache is on point tho.
I've changed Max (X) a lot e.g eyes, face, personality, scars and clothing.
Sam has a few new piercings too. 
Nameless hasn't changed though, he's still a spoopy nerd
animating welcome to the system MAP
no rude comments or rps in the comments
just story boarding at the moment
mep part 4 LION -audio warning- by soundandscar
mep part 4 LION -audio warning-
I dunno if the timing fits or not, if you need to cut out any parts feel free to
This is for Hunnybee0w0 's map
This is the better quality version. I'm debating to upload this to youtube or not because youtube shits on the quality 
anyway enjoyed doing this, never worked with a palette before
holy shit is it difficult
since you've gotta arrange the colours to look right
so it looks normal and not just filled in
so then wtf is going on here, brief explanation and there's gonna be mild spoilers for 6S. THAT'S IF A NERD GIVES ME THEIR LINES
So there's this asshole called Mylo and he's a celesti. An alien 'bird' race...we'll just call them birbs
They're a harmless race and are just...too social for their own good.
info on mylo
Gender: gender fluid
sexuality: pansexual
relationship: a shockingly stable relation ship with a human.
jobs: 'librarian' (he's paid and protected to be a hoarder in denial) and barrister 
like most dumb bird brains he uses his human form way to much and ends up building a whole different life around his human form and whats worse is he'd rather be a human. He ends up working and getting a job and such but he's not the most stable of celesti and he knows he's gonna glitch out of his form eventually. He ends up dating some poor nerd and decides to surprise him with the whole 'AYY I'M A FUKIN OTHER WORLDLY ENTITY AND THERE IS METAL BIRDS IN THE SKY WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON' and the news did not go down well. His guy almost shat himself because he just realised his tiny significant other is actually a huge alien bird....but you kno cool, cool. He later decided he was not going to do the 'ayy I'm a birb' thing with everyone at work. But fret not tiny children for the bird still has his boi. Who took the news unbelievably well... 
Mylo is just going to be a side character in 6soul. Another celesti thrown in for humour since Celestis have no clue what's actually going on at all. To them clouds are fucking terrifying...don't blame 'em THERE IS WATER FLYING IN THE SKY AND WE'RE TOTALLY COOL WITH THIS SHIT WTF?!.

So enjoy this animation
it took a while



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animating welcome to the system MAP
no rude comments or rps in the comments
just story boarding at the moment

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